Nissan Terrano 2 from 1985 to 1999
1. Maintenance instruction and to maintenance
2. Car maintenance
3. Четырехцилиндровыв engines
4. VS engines
5. All engines
6. Systems of cooling, heating, ventilation and conditioning
7. Fuel and exhaust systems
8. System of electric equipment of the engine
9. System of decrease in toxicity of exhaust gases
9.1. Specifications.
9.2. General information
9.3. System of compulsory ventilation of a case (PCVсистема)
9.4. System retsirkulyatsiya (EGR system)
9.5. System of a dookisleniye of exhaust gases
9.6. Catching system паров gasoline (EEC system)
9.7. System of electronic injection of fuel self-diagnostics mode
9.8. Regulator of a stream of air
9.9. Regulator of pressure of fuel both solenoidal valve check and replacement
9.10. Sensors of the processor block
10. Mechanical transmission
11. Automatic transmissions
12. Coupling driveshaft and back bridge
13. A running gear of cars with a wheel formula 4x4
14. Brake system
15. Suspension brackets and steering
16. Body and furnish elements
17. Electric equipment system


9.6. Catching system паров gasoline (EEC system)

General information
1. The system is intended for catching паров gasoline, preventing their hit in the atmosphere in the form of hydrocarbons (photo).
2. On a tank the ventilating valve (photo) with two hoses is provided. In the valve there are 2 openings one of which (bigger diameter) is blocked by a diaphragm.
3. Between a tank with an absorber and a fuel tank the control valve which is intended for tank ventilation on the working engine and for transition паров in an absorber on the stopped engine (photo) is established.

5.2а Details of a tank 1. Cover 2. Diaphragm 3. Limiter 4. Spring

5.2б Ventilating opening of the valve of a tank

5.1 Device of system of catching паров gasoline 1. A stopper with the vacuum valve 2. Depression dumping Z.Bak 4. Control valve 5. Spring of a diaphragm 6. Screen 7. Filter 8. A tank with an absorber 9. Ventilating opening 10. Control ventilating from

5.3 Control valve. Air should pass freely from a fuel tank, and in the opposite direction the valve is locked 1. To a tank 2. Pairs of gasoline 3. Air 4. To the engine

4. Care of system is reduced to check of a condition of a tank, hoses and valves.
5. At tank check air should not pass through a ventilating opening of bigger diameter and should pass through the highway of a purge and the ventilating valve (photo) freely. Otherwise a tank replace.
6. Vacuum the valve of a tank it is faulty, if at an air otsasyvaniye via the valve from a tank of resistance it is not felt and there is no characteristic knock.
7. The control valve should not pass almost air from a tank and poorly pass at a purge from an absorber. Valves which at check show negative result, replace.

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9.7. System of electronic injection of fuel self-diagnostics mode