Nissan Terrano 2 from 1985 to 1999
1. Maintenance instruction and to maintenance
2. Car maintenance
3. Четырехцилиндровыв engines
4. VS engines
5. All engines
5.1. General information
5.2. Compression check in engine cylinders
5.3. Dismantle of the power unit - security measures
5.4. The engine - removal and installation
5.5. Major maintenance of the engine - general information
5.6. Engine restoration - alternatives
5.7. Major maintenance of the engine - a dismantling order
5.8. A head of the block of cylinders - dismantling.
5.9. Head of the block of cylinders cleanings and condition check
5.10. A head of cylinders - assembly
5.11. Shatunno-porshnevaya group dismantle
5.12. The crankshaft - dismantle
5.13. The block of cylinders - cleaning
5.14. The block of cylinders - condition check
5.15. Rods and pistons - condition check
5.16. The crankshaft - condition check
5.17. Radical and shatunny bearings - check and selection
5.18. Major maintenance of the engine - an assembly order
5.19. Piston rings - installation
5.20. The crankshaft - installation and check of gaps of radical bearings
5.21. A back epiploon - installation
5.22. Rods and pistons - installation and check of gaps in shatunny bearings
5.23. Engine start-up after repair and a running in
6. Systems of cooling, heating, ventilation and conditioning
7. Fuel and exhaust systems
8. System of electric equipment of the engine
9. System of decrease in toxicity of exhaust gases
10. Mechanical transmission
11. Automatic transmissions
12. Coupling driveshaft and back bridge
13. A running gear of cars with a wheel formula 4x4
14. Brake system
15. Suspension brackets and steering
16. Body and furnish elements
17. Electric equipment system


5.13. The block of cylinders - cleaning

If caps of channels of system of cooling fail to the canal of the block of cylinders, to take them, as a rule, it is impossible.

1. Drill in caps of an opening and pull out, having wrapped bolts or саморезы, or get a stripper with the bent pads.
2. Carefully clear the block of the remains of consolidation (photo).
3. Remove covers of radical bearings and get bearings from the block of cylinders and covers. Designate all details that them not to mix.
4. Clean all channels a vapor jet and the compressed air (it is recommended to carry out in car-care center), wash out the block outside detergent. Banish all carving openings, clean and blow the compressed air (photo). Dry the block and grease the processed surfaces with veretenny oil.

12.3 Removal of covers on 4 - cylinder engines

13.4 Pro-race of a carving opening

5. Establish covers of radical bearings, bolts tighten by hand.
13.6 Cap press fitting

14.2а Measure diameter of the cylinder under fillets (And), in the center (In) and in the lower part (C)

14.2в Measurement of diameter of the cylinder

14.3а the Brush for a honningovaniye of cylinders

14.2б the Telescopic nutromer for measurement of internal diameter

6. Press new caps without distortions, previously having greased them with RTV hermetic (photo).

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5.14. The block of cylinders - condition check